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20938 Normandie Ave unit 100 Torrance CA 90502


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If you want to enjoy the best quality marijuana, make sure it is grown organically in a sustainable way. 

However, not all stores sell this type of product. There are very few dispensaries that test the products before offering them to the community members.

Torrance Greens Cannabis Dispensary is one such store. We thoroughly test all the cannabis products before selling them to the customers. 





About Us

Torrance Greens is a local marijuana dispensary in a part of a growing cannabis community in California. It is the go-to spot for patients, physicians, and cannabis consumers. 

Our cannabis dispensary features a full line of medical and recreational marijuana. You can buy a few grams for yourself or purchase a full batch of the pot. To purchase marijuana from our dispensary, you’ll need to present valid proof of age. 




Our Deals

Our dispensary’s selection of products is extensive, and you can also order online. Our company carries reputable brands and a variety of top-notch items. Our website even has a hot deals section, so you can save money and enjoy the benefits of high-quality cannabis without breaking the law.


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20938 Normandie Ave unit 100 Torrance CA 90502